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Application One

basically speaking…

Name Deonna Schrader
Nickname Onna-D
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Student and Assistant Tumbling Coach
Location Iowa
Status Happily Single

so tell us…

1) What’s your favourite color? I know I'm girly, I love pink!
2) Who’s your idol and why? My idol is my dance teacher. She is so strong and she is a great teacher. She's been through so much and she's stayed so strong. Plus she's my boss and she even designed specail shirts for the people that work at the studio.
3) Who in your life would you die without and why? I would die without one of my best friends, Kirstie. She's helped me through a lot and she cares, but she still respects me enough to let me make my own choices.
4) What is your most embarrassing moment? My most embarrassing moment...it's so hard to choose. I've sprained my ankle at Recital by simply walking off the stage. Everyone in the emergency room including the doctors were making fun of me. I've been at a tumbling meet and was right in front of the judges, competing, and farted really loud in the middle of a pass. Oh, and the other day I drove in the turning lane for like three blocks and this guy just kept staring at me. Wow, there is so many more I could tell you about.
5) What is the one moment or thing you said or did (or even though) that you regret the most? I've regretted a lot of things. One of the things I've regretted would have to be letting my exboyfriend talk to me the way he did. He used to tell me that I would never get another boyfriend and other things like that. He went as far as punching my door and kicking my car. Everyone thought he was hitting me, but he wasn't. I let this go on for almost a year and a half without telling anyone. I just really wish I had because it has led to a lot of emotional problems for me and it's really hard for me to get close to a guy unless I get to know him REALLY well.
6) Have you ever been rejected before? And I don’t mean just in communities, in real life. If so, tell us what it was like and how you overcame it? I've been rejected for things. I was rejected for SEIBA (Southeast Iowa Band Association) Honor Band. I knew I really messed up and when I told my grandparents they got really upset with me. I got yelled at and I cried, but until I got home and had to tell them I just kind of thought I could have done better and I would try again next year.
7) What was the most exhilarating moment of your life. Describe it and why it was so… exhilarating. My most exhilarating moment? This is a tough one. It's always easier to think of these things when I'm not filling out something. Well, I guess I would have to say it's not just one moment, it's everytime I perform. I love to dance and tumble and when I do and I don't do a really awful job I love it. I love the feeling when a crowd is clapping for you and the people coming up to you and telling you how good you did. It's really cool, and anyone that has ever performed for anything knows the feeling.
8) Who was/is your first love? What made it so special? And if you’ve never had a first love what do you envision it to be? My first love was Brent Dresser. I had a crush on him for the longest time. We went out for like a week in middle school and we didn't ever have a real conversation the entire week. We started as really close friends, but we were both so shy that neither of us could really talk to eachother. It was specail because he was really the first boy that wasn't family that I ever cared for.

opinions and such

1) Your opinion on capital punishment. I don't think capital punishment is right. It seems like you're just letting the person have the easy way out. But I also don't agree with the way some prisoners are treated. They should be punished, not given a good life, not treated like dirt, and not killed.
2) Your opinion on love at first sight. I think love at first sight is real. I guess I just imagined seeing the guy that was meant for me and just knowing it. I don't know if it will happen that way, but it's just something I think that you will know when you meet him that you're supposed to spend the rest of your life with him.
3) Your opinion on sex. Is it just a sexual moment, or something more? Any experiences change your opinion? I think sex should be based on something more that just sex. I think that it is something that should be between two people that at least really care for eachother at the time. They may not spend the rest of their lives together, but if they think they love eachother, then go for it.
4) Your opinion on teenage-high school-cliques. I think cliques are stupid. Some aren't bad, but a few cliques at our school are just people that go around talking bad about eachother behind their backs. I hate when that happens and then they are in front of eachother and act like they are best friends.
5) Your opinion on abortion. I think abortion is awful. If you have sex and get pregnat it's not the baby's fault. If you get raped and don't really want the kid, then give it up for adoption. I don't see where an innocent baby should lose it's life because of someone else's mistake. I don't agree with it and would never have one and would hope that, when I do have kids, they wouldn't consider one either.
6) An opinion of your own on anything you feel strongly about. I think that people should try to get along. Not that they have to like eachother, but they shouldn't just go up and want to start a fight with eachother. I think that's stupid. People should all try their hardest to get along, even if you can't stand the other person.

pertaining to the community…

1) Promote us in three places. Try to make it in at least ONE community and one place other than our live journal/user info. Provide up with some links!.
2) What do you think of the mods:
dothe_airguitar: I don't really know her, but this community seems like it's going to be cool.
_mg_g0_16: I'm in another community with her and I think she's really cool and she seems really active and involved. She's doing a lot right now...being a mod and a co-mod.
3) Show us members that make you say “Wow! She is stunning!” Right now I only see a few members and they all seem really stunning!

And then there’s you.

Please provide us with at least one salute. Here's my temporary one until I get my camera in less than a week! At least that's what I'm supposed to be getting. This isn't a very good picture, but I promise I'll get a better one!
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A 150x150 member's pic if accepted. (I can't resize pictures so if someone could do it for me I would love you forever!)
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